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Biodegradble PETG polymer for 3D printing launched!

Posted under - Product Launch by admin on March 22, 2017

Los Angeles-based 3D printing filament manufacturer 3D Printlife has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new eco-friendly PETG filament. The company, which already offers eco-friendly ABS and PLA filaments, is hoping to bring its innovative bio-degradable BioPETG filament to market in 12 to 18 different colors. Launched earlier today, 3D Printlife’s Kickstarter campaign is seeking to raise $20,000 for the high quality, environmentally friendly PETG filament.

3D Printlife has dedicated itself to the creation of eco-friendly 3D printing filaments. The company, which currently offers US-made Enviro ABS, PLAyPHAb PLA/PHA, and Pure PLA, is hoping to expand its product selection with the addition of BioPETG, the first biodegradable PETG.

PETG, also known as copolyester, is a material made of PET and glycol, a compound that adds flexibility and durability to the material, qualities that are important when 3D printing. One of the most common plastics, as well as one of the easiest to recycle, PETG has, up until now, remained un-biodegradable.


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