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Three Oldham County Middle School students may have invented the cigarette of the future. What started as a middle schooler project, which was to build a robot and invent something to help animals,  could actually become a patent pretty soon.

The eighth graders got the idea for the cigarette in a science class watching a movie about birds that eat trash including cigarettes. The kids found out five trillion cigarettes are thrown away each year. After many failed attempts on replacing the wrapping material that would last long enough to actually smoke a cigarette but short enough to break up when thrown away, they finally settled on corn starch paper, which would last about a half hour in someone’s mouth but fade away after just minutes in the rain.

Here is the video link to this amazing innovation by these set of eighth graders –

Source – http://kwqc.com/2017/02/26/kentucky-middle-schoolers-invent-biodegradable-cigarette/