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All about CO2 – a comprehensive guide to CO2 that answers over 100 questions

An resource that provides comprehensive and interesting inputs on CO2 has been launched recently by CLIMAX, a platform for innovations in decarbonization.

How much do you really know about CO2, is the question that this interesting web resource asks of all of us.

If there is one gas that has dramatically risen in prominence in the last two decades, it has been co2, owing to its high global warming potential. It is present as only a small portion of the atmospheric air (about 0.04%) and yet it has been able to create so much fear and apprehension.

But apart from it’s role as a greenhouse gas, how much do we really know about this gas which is so deceptively simple?

For most of us, we probably know a bit about it from our school chemistry lessons. And for some, perhaps a bit more if they are working in the environmental or chemical industry.

But CO2 is actually quite a fascinating gas. Seriously.

There are so many dimensions to it that most of us simply are not aware of. Some of the aspects about this gas are quite surprising and truly remarkable. While knowledge of many of these aspects could be just fun, getting to know about some of CO2’s properties, characteristics and uses could even help some of you come up with new ideas on how to deal with it.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you will find it interesting and useful to know a lot more about CO2 from the recently launched guide – All about CO2 – answers to 100+ questions on CO2.

This comprehensive and useful guide comes to you from CLIMAX, an online platform to accelerate climate change innovation