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The bioplastics industry is a rapidly growing segment of the 400 million tons plastics industry globally. The global bioplastics production capacity was 2.1 million tons in 2019, which constituted a market share of just 0.5% of the total plastics industry. Of the total bioplastics market, biodegradable bioplastics constituted about 1.17 million tons or just 0.3% of the total plastics market. However, the market for biodegradable bioplastics is expected to have a significant growth in the near future owing to the following key drivers:

  • Mandates & regulations
  • Increasing eco-awareness among consumers
  • Corporates becoming more focused on sustainability
  • Technology stabilization
  • Cost reduction

What are biodegradable bioplastics?

Biodegradable bioplastics are those that decompose naturally in the environment. This is achieved when microorganisms in the environment metabolize and break down the structure of biodegradable plastic. The end result is one which is less harmful to the environment than traditional plastics.

Who are we?

The Bioplastics Guide, a division of Energy Alternatives India (EAI), provides market focused guidance for decision makers and prospective investors in bioplastics.

Our consulting division extends this strategic guidance further by providing strategic and market analyses of the bioplastics industry, customized for their aspirations and context.

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The Bioplastics Guide can help you source and buy any type of bioplastic product from reliable and high quality vendors, in over 100 countries.

Types of bioplastic products we can help you source


Flexible packaging

Garbage and shopping bags

Starch blends | PBAT

Wrap and technical films

Starch blends | PLA | PBAT

Thin films for food packaging

Starch blends | PBAT

Water resistant coatings of paper and cardboard laminates

Starch blends | PBAT



Fog-free packaging of warm food

Starch blends

Bi-axially oriented films



Starch blends | PBAT

Nets for fruits and vegetables

Starch blends

Rigid packaging

Foamed-trays and boxes

Thermoplastic starch | PLA



Food containers


Cutlery (knife, fork and spoon)

Starch blends | PLA





Who can benefit from Bioplastics Guide sourcing assistance?

Small entrepreneurs to large corporates belonging to various packaging related sectors:


Food and beverages

Hotels and hospitality



Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

How can we help?

With its focus and prior work in bioplastics, Bioplastics Guide has an excellent understanding of the growing bioplastics market. Through our network with over 50 vendors for diverse bioplastics products, we can assist in sourcing bioplastics products for over 30 countries.

Our work in bioplastics

Bioplastics Guide has assisted over 100 industry stakeholders – from entrepreneurs to large businesses for venturing into the growing bioplastics market. Our consulting team has assisted several large companies in bioplastics and related biobased products market with detailed technical and market evaluation studies.

Bioplastics Guide also assists entrepreneurs in finding the right technology solution provider for implementation of the projects.

Our team of experts have also published leading market research reports and whitepapers which have assisted over 1000 clients across the globe.

Talk to us for your bioplastic product requirements!

Contact: Muthukrishnan  +91 7358263274 (India)

or email: hello@bioplastics.guide

What details do we require from your side?

If you are keen on sourcing bioplastic products through us, kindly provide the following details:

  • Name & company name 
  • Types of products – cups, plates, other cutlery and materials – PLA, PBAT or starch blends
  • Applications – packaging, or in the case of food applications – hot or cold applications
  • Brief specs – size of the required product, thickness and any other specifications
  • Indicative quantities
  • Contact details

Prominent clients we have served

The Bioplastics Guide team is based out of Chennai, India